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Chair of Physics of the Earth

Ukrainian versionThe Ñhair of Physics of the Earth is the youngest one of the geological faculty
(founded by Order of Rector ¹305 of 7th of March, 2000)

The basic assignment of Chair of Physics of the Earth is maintenance of a profound knowledge to students of geological faculty on fundamental questions of physics of the Earth and the Universe, physical bases of theoretical and applied geophysical receptions of research of an Earth's crust and deep processes in structural environments of the Earth.

The outstanding attention by preparation of the future experts is allocated to application of geoinformation technologies and modelling of physical processes in research of physical fields of the Earth for the decision of complex geological, engineering - geological and ecological problems.

At Chair of Physics of the Earth is the intercathedral laboratory of geoinformation technologies and computer modelling in geology functions. In laboratory carry out occupations after computer science, bases of work with a computer for all students of geological faculty, to higher mathematics, geostatistics and the system analysis, computer methods of processing of the geological, geochemical both ecological information and many other subjects, performed course, degree and postgraduate works.