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Geological sciences at university have started to teach still in XV ²²² to a century when all natural disciplines have been concentrated on philosophical faculty. " A special natural history " which included also geology, since 1787 professor Ljubljanskogo of liceum invited in university (Slovenia) Baltasar Gakke started to read a rate. During 1787-1805 it carries out detailed geological researches in Carpathian mountains, Pre-Carpathian and Volhynia-Podolia. He used materials of these researches in the lectures which reads the Ukrainian language. Since 1851, in number of obligatory subjects at philosophical faculty the rate of mineralogy and petrography has been entered, and year the mineralogical museum which exists till now later was open. It's founder the professor of botany G.Lobazhevsky was.


In 1864 at philosophical faculty the chair of mineralogy which known scientist F.Tsirkel - has headed one of founders of modern petrography opens. Till 1914 this chair headed professor F.Krejtts, O.Medvetsky and B.Dunkovsky. 1905 openly chair of geology which was headed by the known expert in the field of oil geology professor R.Zuber, and in 1924-1941 - professor V.Rogalja. In 1922 professor Z.Vejberg (pupil V.I.Vernadskogo and V.Vulfa) has organized at university the second chair in the world crystallography which headed together with chair of mineralogy till 1933. In 1933-39 over chair of mineralogy professor J.Tokarnyj, then, before war, professor S.Biskupsky supervised, and during war professor K.Smulikovsky. The chair of êcrystallography at this time was headed by professor L.Chrobak.


In 1924 the natural - mathematical faculty which structure included three mentioned faculties of a geological structure has been created. In the same year openly chair of paleontology over which till 1933 supervised professor J.Semiradsky, and in due course - professor J.Samsonovich. In 1939 the faculty has been divided into a number of departments, including ãåîëîãî-geographical on the basis of which in 1945 it was open two separate faculties - geological and geographical.


The first dean of geological faculty became the known expert, the teacher and academician Eugeny Lazarenko. The faculty has consisted then of six departmentes: the general geology (the first manager - professor M.P.Ermakov), mineralogy (academician E.K.Lazarenko), historical geology and paleontology (academician O.S.Vjalov), crystallography (professor G.L.Piotrovsky), petrography (academician V.S.Sobolev) and geology of the Union (academician V.B.Porfirjev). In 1955 the chair of minerals which has headed professor is created. V.M.Kozerenko. In 1999 openly chair of ecological and engineering geology and hydrogeology (the managing professor of. I.Rudko), and in 2000 - chair of Physics of the Earth (assosiated professor V. Fourman).


In different years at faculty the big cohort of known scientists which have created powerful Lvov geological school which has brought in the powerful contribution to a science about the Earth worked. At this school creative collectives which have developed into separate scientific directions and schools which successful functioning has put forward geological faculty of the Lvov university in number advanced not only in territory of Ukraine were generated. It is mineralogical, petrographic and lithologic, structural-formation, paleontologic, termo-baro-geochemistry, geology Pre-Cambrian and school on studying íoil-and-gas-bearing different regions of Ukraine, etc. At these schools graduates of faculty got a profound knowledge on a wide spectrum of geological sciences. For 55 years of existence of faculty its walls has left over 4000 highly skilled geologists and geochemists who work now in the diverse regions of the world. Among them there are academicians, doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and senior lecturers, directors of scientific institutes, heads of the industrial geological organizations, etc.

Ours Deans from the 1945
Pavlun M.M.
(2004-2011, 2014)
Fourman V.V.
performing  the duties (2011-2014)
Leshchuh R.J
Fedorishin Y.I.
(performing  the duties 1996-1998)
Matkovskij O.I.
  Misnik J.F.

Marushkin I.O.
Pekun J.P.
Koltun L.I.
(1958-1965), (1969-1971)
Kozerenko V.M.
Ermakov M.L.
Lazarenko E.K.